Meet the Authors

Meet the authors of this blog!


Hi! I’m Allyson (Allie to most people). I’m 15 years old; I love God, being homeschooled, the Duggars, books, and ice cream. :-) I have a wonderful family. My mom and dad are not my biological parents, but they are in every sense my mom and dad. I have an older brother, Dillon, and two younger sisters–Liza and Kate (Kate is also adopted). I recently started another blog, separate from this one: Please have a look!

I hope you enjoy this blog about the Duggar family. Thanks so much for reading!


Hi, I’m Liza Annette. I am thirteen. I’m homeschooled. I love reading, dolphins, flowers/ gardening and of course the Duggars I love the Lord and try to serve Him always even though i slip and fall along the way.  My sister Allie and I decided to start a blog about the Duggar family because we really enjoy watching their shows. they are a wonderful family and the little ones are adorable so many people are there fans. Enjoy the blog.


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