The Duggars love to get together with their friends the Bates! The Bates currently have 18 children with another on the way. Their oldest child, Zach, also recently became engaged. We’ve put together several pictures of the Duggar and Bates families for you to enjoy!

  The Duggars and Bates roller-skating

  Alyssa Bates (right) and Jana

  Erin Bates, Priscilla Keller (Anna’s sister), Michaela Bates, and Jessa in Chicago

    The Duggars and Bates families

  A few years back, the Duggars helped the Bates renovate their house!

  James Duggar and Jackson Bates

  Joy Anna, Katie Bates, and Josie Bates

  If you’d like to visit the Bates’s family blog, you can find it here:


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Two God-fearing, teenage/tween, homeschooled sisters loving adoption, the Duggars and life.
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4 Responses to Bates

  1. Bri says:

    Have you heard the latest Duggar news? The Duggars need a lot of prayer right now. Mrs. Duggar lost the baby, and it was a complete shock when they found out :(… I feel so sorry for them :(. This is the second child they have lost. We have lost two also, but both within the first two months, it has to be harder when you have lived with the thought of that baby longer.

  2. ald5 says:

    Thanks for telling us! We were so sad to hear about precious little Jubilee Shalom. :(

    Allyson & Liza

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