The 16th Duggar child’s favorite animal? A cat. And her favorite school subject? Math. These two bloggers just can’t understand that one!

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Camping Trip

But not the Duggars–us! Yes, Allyson and Liza are going to be gone for a week or so spending time with family. We’ll post more when we return! Thanks for reading!

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Duggars’ World Tour

  More photos from the Duggars’ world tour for you to enjoy! Above, the Duggars’ camera crew. Below, the family enjoying the rare privilege of walking inside Stonehenge.  Fun with Cousin Amy  Jinger  Jim Bob

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Duggar Photos

Again, we are very sorry that we have not been posting lately! We’ll try to start doing better! Here are several new Duggar pictures–many from the world tour the family took in 2011. Enjoy!

Mrs. Duggar (Michelle) and Cousin Amy  Jill  Jason and Jill  Johannah and Jennifer  The Duggars’ family reunion, 2011!  The Duggar family  Book signing…  …and more book signing…  …and more book signing!  The Duggars enjoying a visit to Stonehenge  Duggar men at the Lincoln Memorial  Josh and Mackynzie

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Our Apologies

  We are so sorry we have not been posting lately. With Christmas, school, activities, road trips, and sickness in our family, life has gotten a little bit crazy! We hope to start the blog back up soon. For now, please remember to check out our Facebook page, where we’ll try to continue to post. Also, we put up two Christmas posts about the Duggars. (Hey, better late than never… right?) Enjoy, and thank you for reading!


Allyson & Liza

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Christmas with the Duggars, part II

We hope you enjoy these pictures of the Duggar family on Christmas day! We are sorry we haven’t posted lately, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas season!

  Grandma (Mary) Duggar

Anna holding a happy Josie

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  The Duggars love to get together with their friends the Bates! The Bates currently have 18 children with another on the way. Their oldest child, Zach, also recently became engaged. We’ve put together several pictures of the Duggar and Bates families for you to enjoy!

  The Duggars and Bates roller-skating

  Alyssa Bates (right) and Jana

  Erin Bates, Priscilla Keller (Anna’s sister), Michaela Bates, and Jessa in Chicago

    The Duggars and Bates families

  A few years back, the Duggars helped the Bates renovate their house!

  James Duggar and Jackson Bates

  Joy Anna, Katie Bates, and Josie Bates

  If you’d like to visit the Bates’s family blog, you can find it here:

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